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We are a Black family-owned wine company  in Maryland, dedicated to honoring our roots and creating a legacy that extends beyond our family. Our passion for entrepreneurship and community impact, instilled by our parents and grandparents, has inspired us to embark on this journey.

At Boyd Cru Wines, we believe that wine is a universal language, speaking to each individual in a unique way. Our wines are locally grown in Maryland, using sustainable practices that respect our environment. Our wines embody the essence of joy, vibrancy, and liberation. Through our wines, wine education and wine experiences we focus on building community, fostering connection and promoting self care and self expression.
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Boyd Cru Wines mission is to build community, foster connection and promote self expression and self care all through the wonderful world of wine. Wine is so much more than a beverage it's a lifestyle and a way of living and we aim to take the pretentiousness out of it and make it less intimidating and accessible to everyone. 

Boyd Cru Wines will use the proceeds of this Regulation Crowdfunding offering to hire and partner with a wine/spirits distributor that can assist us in growing the reach of our wine company into additional retailers as well as additional cities and states within the Northeast and Southeast region. Also we will continue to increase our wine inventory based on the demand from direct to consumer sales, wine experiences and wine education. We will also use the proceeds to launch a full scale digital marketing campaign that highlights the uniqueness of our wines and our competitive differentiators as a wine company to establish more brand awareness and drive more traffics to our website for e-commerce purchases. Finally the proceeds will assist us as we work towards finding a location to open our tasting room and community marketplace which will allow us to feature, highlight, and collaborate with other small businesses while creating an environment that our business and their business can thrive as a co-op and co-working space that aligns with our overall mission of impacting our local community.

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    1 bottle of Boyd Cru Wines with owners signature- to be shipped within the 43 states Boyd Cru Wines ships to only. Please reference for exact shipping locations.

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    Boyd Cru Wines Custom Wood Wine Gift Box set- to be shipped within the 43 states Boyd Cru Wines ships to only. Please reference for exact shipping locations.

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    1 bottle of Limited Edition 1 Year Anniversary Sparkling Vidal Blanc- to be shipped within the 43 states Boyd Cru Wines ships to only. Please reference for exact shipping locations.

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    Exclusive Invitation to an Investor Event

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    Exclusive Invitation to an Investor Event and 1 Commemorative Bottle of Boyd Cru Wines- to be shipped within the 43 states Boyd Cru Wines ships to only. Please reference for exact shipping locations.

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All campaigns are minimum or nothing; Boyd Cru Wines will only receive funding if the minimum goal is reached.

Key Facts & Financials

  • Two out of three wines won awards at the Maryland Wine Tastemaster Competition in 2023.
  • 20 years of leadership and management experience between the CEO and CFO.
  • First Black Family Owned wine company in Maryland as reported by Maryland Wine Association..
  • Big box retailers want us! Boyd Cru Wines will be in Target beginning Spring 2024.
  • Our Award winning Merlot Rose sold out by July after opening in April.
  • We have been featured on WMAR2/ABC, NBC4 Washington, Good Day DC, Essence, and AfroTech.

Boyd Cru Wines Story

Boyd Cru Wines is a wine company that aims to take the pretentiousness out of wine, build community, connection and expression as well as make it accessible by introducing wine as a mood. Introducing wine as a mood helps wine drinkers both beginners and enthusiast discover wines they like based on their own palette, lifestyle, and preferences rather than be told what to like. We are the first Black family owned wine company in Maryland according to the Maryland Wine Association. We believe in making wines that are locally grown with sustainable practices in Maryland. Our wines are approachable, vibrant, joyful, and liberating. We're also disrupting the industry by bringing a nontraditional approach to a traditional industry. Our niche is focusing 90% of our wines around creating and producing blends and helping consumers learn more about wine through relevant and relatable experiences. We invite our community to come sip outside the lines with Boyd Cru Wines while changing the landscape of what the wine industry looks like.
There are two full time roles within Boyd Cru Wines, myself, Jon’ll Boyd, I am the CEO of Boyd Cru Wines and my business partner, Matthew Boyd, is the COO of Boyd Cru Wines. The background and relevant skills that Jon’ll and Matthew bring to Boyd Cru Wines are prior business owners who bring 15 years of event planning business and customer service experience into Boyd Cru Wines as well as 12 years of pharmaceutical and chemistry knowledge. Both the CEO and the COO have an extensive educational background of a combined 20+ years of formal education and leadership skills which includes an MBA in Marketing, an Executive MBA from Darden Business program, WSET (Wine, Spirits, and Education Trust) Level 1 Certified and Washington State University’s Wine and Business Management Certification.
The Maryland wine market is still considered to be in the beginning or infancy stages but is steadily growing as it relates to years in the industry, in comparison, to its nearby neighbor, Virginia, that has a reputation is often referred to as Virginia Wine Country. However Maryland wines and wineries are not to be underestimated. The current market, although small, is steadily growing. There are currently over 80 Maryland wineries as opposed to over 300 in the state of Virginia. With the opportunity to start our wine company in either Virginia or Maryland we saw more opportunity in Maryland to be a part of a growing wine scene that has been considered the underdog. We also saw an opportunity and need for more diversity just within the Maryland wine scene that Boyd Cru Wines could champion.
Our focus is on wine experiences and wine education that is community driven, culture centric and lifestyle enhancing have been one of most important differentiators and has allowed us to benefit from selling direct to our consumers. We have participated and/or partnered with other small businesses for a successful completion of 35 events as well as wine education in Maryland from April-December. We plan to increase this to 50 events in 2024. Continuing to focus on direct to consumer also allows us to benefit from 80-90% profit margin. Face time with our customers also builds rapport, trust and loyalty. 
Distribution was not our main focus in 2023 but is one of our top goals for 2024. Currently in 2 2nd tier wine shops located in Maryland. Our goal for 2024 is 2 big box retailers and 5 2nd tier wine shops so that we can increase expand distribution, increase our reach with less time yielded while balancing our direct to consumer events.
The Cru in Boyd Cru Wines means growth. The impetus to start our wine journey which led to Boyd Cru Wines came in the middle of the pandemic after losing two loved ones suddenly and way too soon, my husband’s mother and my nephew. This made us realize that life is short and that now is the time to really follow our dreams as a family and build community and connection that became so sorely missed during the pandemic . Out of a desire to step out on faith and grow through our experiences with wine and how it has always been a part of our most memorable life’s moments, our journey with owning a wine business began. Our mission statement is at the center of our company, our customers and our employees is GROWTH. Values: We are committed to G-Growth, R-Respect, O-Ownership, W-Warmth, T-Transparency, H-Heart.

The Founders

Jon'll Boyd


Ran a six figure event planning business from 2011-2019 in DC working with clients such as Hilton, BET, INOVA. MBA in marketing. Completed winemaking apprenticeship, Certified Meeting Professional, Wine Business Management Certification and WSET Level 1.

Matthew Boyd


Executive MBA from Darden, UVA. Experienced business leader with demonstrated history of excelling in management, and business innovation. Skilled in public speaking, health disparity research, and oncology pharmacy practice development.

The Team

Josh Piquero

Executive Administrative Assistant

Provides high level administrative support to leadership, such as taking calls, scheduling meetings, managing executive requests, and other office duties.

Janice Wright

Wine Tasting Consultant

Organizes and hosts wine tastings and events for individuals or businesses. Also responsible for advising clients on wine purchases and managing their wine collections.



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