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About Us

Anyone can invest in the Baltimore area businesses that they love!

What is Crowd Fund Baltimore?

Crowd Fund Baltimore is a Regulation Crowdfunding portal owned and operated by MiTec, PBC, a FINRA regulated funding portal. This local label site is designed for Baltimore area prosocial businesses (people/planet/profit) and the investors who love them.

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What Do I Need to Know to Get Started?

If you are a prosocial entrepreneur, meaning you care about the impact your business has on people and the planet as much as you care about profits, you can start by clicking on the Raise Funds tab. Click on the Learn tab, to get more details for issuers. If you are an investor, please click on the Learn tab to review information about investing. Note that all investment in offerings on the platform is speculative. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Why Baltimore?

Like most American cities, Baltimore has entrepreneurs who want to be successful and contribute to the health and sustainability of the community. For those of us who live/lived in Baltimore City, we know “Charm City” is a special place where collaboration and inclusion make us stronger and more unique. Regulation Crowdfunding is a newer tool that has potential to change the way we invest in our economy. Please reach out if you would like to get involved in the movement to use Regulation Crowdfunding to create an inclusive small business finance ecosystem or maybe you would like a local label platform for your city!

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